In 2009, Eric and Rachel moved to Italy as a newly married couple to follow their passion and study the art of bespoke tailoring.  Eric attended a prestigious school, learning under one of the leading tailors in Italy.  This famous "sarto" has been making bespoke suits for high profile clients for at least 60 years. His craft is so pristine, that the even Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II commissioned him for their traditional papal vestments.

His studies included every detail of the true authentic way of bespoke tailoring, and he also studied couture womenswear under an Italian maestra. During this time, Rachel focused on the fashion aspect of the sartorial world and took some courses on drawing and design. Our ambition in this life changing journey even caught the attention of the Italian Press.  Cameras followed us for a brief time for the airing of our own documentary by The Global Post.  Eric received his "Master Tailor" certificate in 2011 and has spent the following 5 years apprenticing with a bespoke tailor and developing his own methods of garment making. He has been perfecting his skills in bespoke suits and couture handmade womenswear.


We came to a realization and an exciting opportunity of combining my love of vintage style with Eric's training in the truest form of vintage there is, the original way garments used to be made. Our idea stemmed from the many vintage and reproductions garments Rachel passed on to Eric for alterations, so they would fit like they were made just for her. We decided to combine our passions and talents to create something big, something beautiful. We realized we could offer this kind of quality to others who desire this level of quality and fit - true to what real vintage was originally like.  Being always inspired by old films and photographs, it became apparent that starlets and socialites of high society were not buying garments off the rack, nor any "all size x fits x" pieces. They were wearing actual couture pieces, made specifically for them. 

Introducing, Atelier Jensen... bespoke, couture, and bench-made completely right here in our Atelier.  Our atelier is located in Chicago, where all fittings, pattern-drafting, and crafting of our garments take place from start to finish.  While we strongly recommend personal fittings, we can also accommodate for long distance orders with your measurements.  Please visit our appointments page to contact us with any inquiries.  We are so excited to share our passion for old-world methods, and to share our vision with you.